Paper making with Eileen Cooper


Ive recently finished a two week course in paper making with the brilliantly knowledgable Elaine Cooper. She has spent 10 years studying the art of Japanese paper making from masters of the craft. Travelling back and forth between the Uk and Japan, her passion for paper was incredibly inspiring.

We used a variety of different materials to make our papers and were also encouraged to bring along our own materials and elements to work from. I brought in dried grasses and grains from my allotment, others brought in threads and even dried insects.


Elaine demonstrated the highly skilled techniques used by the Japanese paper making masters which are perfected for decades and beautiful to watch. One of the materials we used was Khozo - which is made from the paper mulberry tree, harvested in winter and boiled and beaten into a pulp before you add hibiscus root to thicken and stabilise it.

I particularly enjoyed working with the Lokta fibres from india as these are the papers i usually use in my work. I enjoy their thick rawness.

Rosanna Morris